Protein Snacks (24)

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Vegetarian (VE), Vegan (VG), Gluten Free (GF), Soy Free (SF), Sweetener Free (SWF), Natural Ingredient (NI)

BrandProductProtein %TypeServing (g)CaloriesProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)Sugar (g)Protein TypeNotes*
BounceAlmond20.9%Ball35.01618.410.98.47.7WheyVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceAlmond Plant21.3%Ball35.01588.410.98.57.7SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceChoc Brownie Plant22.0%Ball35.01789.813.18.810.3SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceCocoa Peanut20.0%Ball35.01608., GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceCoconut Macadamia20.3%Ball35.01567.910.08.56.4WheyVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceHazelnut Praline Plant20.4%Ball40.01829.311.99.99.7SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceMaple Pecan Cashew20.6%Ball35.01578., VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceMillionaire Plant22.2%Ball35.01649.115.36.511.4SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BouncePeanut23.8%Ball35.01639.710.58.07.5WheyVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceSalted Caramel22.9%Ball35.01619., GF, SF, SWF, NI
GrazeVeggie & Nut Pot20.9%Pot28.01326., Soya, PeasVE, VG, SWF, NI
ProtermarsCrispy Chicken88.8%Snack25.09621., LF, SF, SWF, NI
Seapoint FarmsDry Roasted Edamame40.0%Snack22.010010., VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
The CuratorsPork Puffs52.9%Snack22.011815., SWF, NI
ViveSalted Caramel18.2%Bite20.0884., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveHazelnut17.4%Bite20.0924., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
VivePeanut Butter18.2%Bite20.0884., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveChoc Orange16.0%Brownie35.01506., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveChoc Berry15.5%Brownie35.01475.712.07.79.9Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveCherry Bakewell13.9%Brownie35.01535.311.08.99.3Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveCoconut Cashew14.6%Brownie35.01485.411.08.48.6Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
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