About ProteinDB.com

A Practical and Comprehensive Resource for "Protein" Snacks & Products

As a health conscious consumer trying to eat more protein, I was surprised to discover that there wasn't a comprehensive resource to sort through the myriad of offerings available. In particular, I wanted to find a tasty yet nutritious natural protein bar. I was surprised to discover how often "healthy" or "nutritious" was used to describe any products with a relatively high protein content. I also found myself researching the assortment of ingredients I struggled to pronounce. What started as me simply scouring aisles in grocery stores and pharmacies has led to ProteinDB.com, a database to track my findings.

In the UK and EU a product can make the claim of being "high protein" if at least 20% of the energy value (i.e., KJ/calories) of the food comes from protein (the lesser claim of "source of protein" can be made by foods where at least 12% of the energy value is provided by protein). The goal of ProteinDB.com is to catalogue as many "high protein" consumer packaged food products as possible.

What I hope to continue to offer is an ever expanding resource of products on the market as well as reviews and importantly a helpful search functionality that enables others to filter and find protein products that fit their wants and needs. I have also consolidated some of my own research on protein that I hope other users find helpful. I am continually looking to improve the data, add more products, as well as other helpful resources. Should you notice any errors/omittances or have other feedback or ideas to help improve the site, I would be grateful to hear from you. Please do get in touch here.

Wishing you all the best on your protein quests!