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Vegetarian (VE), Vegan (VG), Gluten Free (GF), Soy Free (SF), Sweetener Free (SWF), Natural Ingredient (NI)

BrandProductProtein %TypeServing (g)CaloriesProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)Sugar (g)Protein TypeNotes*
All RealAlmond & Vanilla36.4%Bar60.022020.015.07.513.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealCashew Cookie Dough36.7%Bar60.021820.016.06.912.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealChoc Fudge Spread21.2%Spread100.054629., CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealChoc Hazelnut37.2%Bar60.021520.015.06.811.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealChoc Mint36.9%Bar60.021720., CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealChoc Orange36.9%Bar60.021720., CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealChoc Sea Salt36.9%Bar60.021720., CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealLemon Coconut37.0%Bar60.021620.015.07.612.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealPeanut Butter36.2%Bar60.022120.015.07.613.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealPeanut Butter Spread21.5%Spread100.054029., CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealPeanut Choc Chip36.5%Bar60.021920., CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
All RealSalted Caramel Spread21.5%Spread100.054029., CaseinVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
AmfitChoc Hazelnut39.4%Bar60.020219.917.86.71.1Whey, Casein, Soya
AmfitChoc Raspberry41.2%Bar60.019319.919.15.31.0Whey, Casein, Soya
BarebellsBanana49.2%Shake330.019524., CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
BarebellsCaramel Cashew40.0%Bar55.020020., Casein
BarebellsChocolate51.1%Shake330.018824.012.04.312.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
BarebellsCookies & Cream42.1%Bar55.019020., Casein
BarebellsHazelnut Nougat39.6%Bar55.020220., Casein
BarebellsLemon Cheesecake49.2%Shake330.019524.013.04.612.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
BarebellsSalty Peanut39.2%Bar55.020420., Casein
BarebellsStrawberry50.3%Shake330.019124.013.04.613.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
BarebellsVanilla50.3%Shake330.019124.013.04.613.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
BarebellsVegan Hazelnut Nougat28.2%Bar55.021315., Pea, RiceVE, VG
BarebellsVegan Salty Peanut28.4%Bar55.021115., Pea, RiceVE, VG
BarebellsWhite Choc Almond39.2%Bar55.020420., Casein
BarebellsWhite Salty Peanut38.3%Bar55.020920., Casein
BounceAlmond20.9%Ball35.01618.410.98.47.7WheyVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceAlmond Plant21.3%Ball35.01588.410.98.57.7SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceChoc Brownie Plant22.0%Ball35.01789.813.18.810.3SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceCocoa Peanut20.0%Ball35.01608., GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceCoconut Macadamia20.3%Ball35.01567.910.08.56.4WheyVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceHazelnut Praline Plant20.4%Ball40.01829.311.99.99.7SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceMaple Pecan Cashew20.6%Ball35.01578., VG, GF, SWF, NI
BounceMillionaire Plant22.2%Ball35.01649.115.36.511.4SoyaVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
BouncePeanut23.8%Ball35.01639.710.58.07.5WheyVE, GF, SF, SWF, NI
BounceSalted Caramel22.9%Ball35.01619., GF, SF, SWF, NI
BulkPure Unflavoured79.6%Powder100.038777., SWF, NI
Clif BarBuilders Choc28.9%Bar68.027720.028.08.817.0SoyaVE, VG, SWF, NI
Clif BarBuilders Choc Mint28.7%Bar68.027920., VG, SWF, NI
Clif BarBuilders Choc Peanut27.4%Bar68.029220., VG, GF, SWF, NI
Free SoulChoc Banoffee38.0%Bar50.015815., Wheat, PeaVE, VG, LF
Free SoulChoc Brownie38.0%Bar50.015815., Wheat, PeaVE, VG, LF
Free SoulChoc Caramel Peanut39.2%Bar50.015315., Wheat, PeaVE, VG, LF
Free SoulClear Green Apple89.3%Powder100.032773., VG, GF, LF, SF
Free SoulClear PnApple & Grpfrt89.3%Powder100.032773., VG, GF, LF, SF
Free SoulDark Choc Raspberry40.8%Bar50.015015.314.64.20.2Soy, Wheat, PeaVE, VG, LF
Free SoulSpeculoos38.5%Bar50.015615., Wheat, PeaVE, VG, LF
Free SoulBerry65.5%Powder100.040366., HempVE, VG, GF, LF, SF
Free SoulChoc65.5%Powder100.040366., HempVE, VG, GF, LF, SF
Free SoulVanilla65.5%Powder100.040366., HempVE, VG, GF, LF, SF
Free SoulChoc Hazelnut14.4%Spread100.052819., VG, GF, SF
FulfilChoc Brownie40.6%Bar55.019720., Casein
FulfilChoc Caramel41.7%Bar55.019220., Casein, Soy
FulfilChoc Caramel Cookie41.0%Bar55.019520., Casein, Soy
FulfilChoc Haze Whip37.4%Bar55.021420., Casein
FulfilChoc Peanut Caramel39.0%Bar55.020520., Casein, Soy
FulfilChoc Peanut Butter37.7%Bar55.021220., Casein
FulfilChoc Salt Caramel39.2%Bar55.020420., Casein, Soy
FulfilCrispy Caramel24.9%Bar37.01408.713.06.01.7SoyVE
FulfilCrispy Peanut22.4%Bar37.01508.412.07.61.7SoyVE
FulfilDark Choc Salt Caramel39.8%Bar55.020720.615.48.70.6Whey, Casein, Soy
FulfilWhite Choc Cookie40.4%Bar55.019820., Casein, Soy
FulfilWhite Choc Peanut37.9%Bar55.021120., Casein, Soy
GrazeVeggie & Nut Pot20.9%Pot28.01326., Soya, PeasVE, VG, SWF, NI
GrenadeBanana Armour51.3%Shake330.019525., CaseinVE, GF
GrenadeBirthday Cake37.7%Bar60.021220., Casein
GrenadeCaramel Chaos41.4%Bar60.020321., Casein, Soy
GrenadeChoc Chip Cookie39.6%Bar60.021221., Casein, Soy
GrenadeChoc Chip Salt Caramel35.4%Bar60.022620., Casein
GrenadeChoc Mint50.0%Shake330.020025., CaseinVE, GF
GrenadeCookie & Cream53.2%Shake330.018825., CaseinVE, GF
GrenadeCookies & Cream42.9%Bar60.021723.314.08.01.5Whey, Casein, Soy
GrenadeDark Choc Mint43.6%Bar60.020222., Casein, Soy
GrenadeChoc Raspberry36.5%Bar60.021920., Casein, Soy
GrenadeFudge Brownie48.5%Shake330.019824., Casein VE, GF
GrenadeFudged Up34.5%Bar60.023220., Casein, Soy
GrenadeJaffa Quake41.2%Bar60.020421., Casein, Soy
GrenadeLemon Cheesecake37.0%Bar60.022721., Casein, Soy
GrenadePeanut Butter & Jelly34.8%Bar60.023020., Casein
GrenadePeanut Nutter36.7%Bar60.021820., Casein
GrenadeStrawberries & Cream51.3%Shake330.019525., CaseinVE, GF
GrenadeWhite Choc Cookie41.7%Bar60.021122., Casein, Soy
GrenadeWhite Choc47.4%Shake330.021125., CaseinVE, GF
GrenadeWhite Choc Salt Peanut33.1%Bar60.024220., Casein
HuelComplete Peanut Butter36.0%Bar49.020018., RiceVE, VG, GF, LF, SF
Jack Link'sBeef Strip44.3%Bar25.0657.
MaximuscleSalted Caramel34.5%Bar45.017415., Casein, SoyaVE
MaximuscleCookies & Cream34.5%Bar45.017415., Casein, SoyaVE
MisfitsBanoffee31.6%Bar45.019115., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsBirthday Cake32.3%Bar45.018615., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsCaramel37.8%Cereal100.037735.629.19.41.9SoyVE, VG
MisfitsChoc S'mores29.5%Bar48.020515.18.610.53.3Pea, SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsChoc Caramel35.0%Bar45.018316., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsChocolate37.8%Cereal100.037735.629.19.41.9SoyVE, VG
MisfitsCinnamon37.8%Cereal100.037735.629.19.41.9SoyVE, VG
MisfitsCookies & Cream31.9%Bar45.018815., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsCookies & Cream37.7%Cereal100.037335., VG
MisfitsDark Choc Brownie31.7%Bar45.019315., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsHazelnut32.2%Bar45.019015., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsPeanut Butter & Jelly33.3%Bar45.018415., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsSpeculoos34.0%Bar45.017915., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsStrawberries & Cream32.3%Bar45.018615., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsWhite Choc Caramel31.7%Bar45.018915., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MisfitsWhite Choc Peanut32.6%Bar45.018515., SoyVE, VG, GF, LF
MyproteinImpact Whey (Unfl.)79.6%Powder100.041282., GF, SWF, NI
MyproteinImpact Isolate (Unfl.)90.3%Powder100.035981.
NicksPeanut32.8%Bar50.018315., Casein, EggGF
NicksBrownie31.9%Bar50.018815.013.310.53.2Whey, Casein, EggGF
NicksCaramel35.4%Bar50.015814., Casein, EggGF
NicksCookie Dough34.5%Bar50.017415., Casein, EggGF
NicksMint Choc35.4%Bar50.015814., Casein, EggGF
NicksNougat31.9%Bar50.018815., Casein, EggGF
NutraminoApple Yogurt32.7%Bar60.024520.025.07.813.0Whey, Casein
NutraminoChoc51.3%Shake330.019525., CaseinVE, GF, SF
NutraminoPeanut Caramel34.1%Bar60.024621., Whey, Casein
NutraminoCaramel35.9%Bar64.022320.024.05.814.0Soya, Whey, Casein
NutraminoVanilla & Caramel30.1%Bar65.026620., Whey, Casein
NutraminoChoc Brownie30.3%Bar64.026420., Whey, Casein
NutraminoStrawberry60.6%Shake330.016525.013.01.313.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF
NutraminoCoconut27.6%Bar66.029020., Whey, Casein
NutraminoVanilla60.6%Shake330.016525.013.01.313.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF
NutraminoXL Caramel38.0%Bar82.031630., Casein, Soy
NutraminoXL Choc38.0%Bar82.031630.033.07.421.0Whey, Casein, Soy
NutraminoXL Choc Banana48.8%Shake500.041050., CaseinVE, GF, SF
NutraminoXL Choc47.6%Shake500.042050.050.01.550.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, SF
NutraminoXL Peanut37.4%Bar82.032130., Casein, Soy
NutraminoXL Strawberry48.8%Shake500.041050., CaseinVE, GF, SF
NutraminoXL Vanilla48.8%Shake500.041050., CaseinVE, GF, SF
OptimumGold Std. Unflavoured87.9%Powder100.037382.
OTE SportsChoc Soya Protein Drink55.0%Powder100.035048., VG, GF, LF, SWF
OTE SportsChoc Whey Drink54.2%Powder100.035548., Casein
OTE SportsVanilla Anytime Vegan71.7%Powder100.038569., RiceVE, VG, LF
OTE SportsChoc Anytime Whey75.9%Powder100.040677.
OTE SportsMint Choc Plant21.7%Bar55.021411.626.87.09.2SoyaVE, GF, SWF, NI
OTE SportsSalted Caramel Plant21.2%Bar55.021311.326.57.18.2SoyaVE, GF, SWF
PhD Smart Caramel33.6%Bar64.023820., Casein, Soya
PhDSmart Peanut Butter33.5%Bar64.023920., Casein, Soya
PhDSmart Choc Brownie33.8%Bar64.023720., Casein, Soya
PhDSmart Choc Rasp33.8%Bar64.023720., Casein, Soya
PHDPlant Choc Peanut29.5%Bar64.024418., Pea, PumpkinVE, VG, LF
PhDPlant PB&J31.1%Bar64.025720., Pea, PumpkinVE, VG, LF
PhDPlant Vanilla Fudge30.2%Bar64.026520., Pea, PumpkinVE, VG, LF
PremierChoc Caramel59.3%Bar40.013520., Casein, Soya
ProtermarsCrispy Chicken88.8%Snack25.09621., LF, SF, SWF, NI
PulsinCaramel Choc & Peanut21.7%Bar50.024013., RiceVE, VG, GF, LF, NI
PulsinChoc Fudge26.1%Bar57.022714.812.810.00.7Pea, Faba Bean, RiceVE, VG, GF, LF, NI
PulsinCookie Dough26.1%Bar57.022714.812.410.00.7Pea, Faba Bean, RiceVE, VG, GF, LF, NI
PulsinFaba Bean84.0%Powder100.041988. BeanVE, VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
PulsinHemp56.5%Powder100.034749., VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
PulsinMaple & Peanut23.5%Bar50.024014.112.613.78.7PeaVE, VG, GF, LF, NI
PulsinPea78.8%Powder100.040680., VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
PulsinPeanut Choc21.0%Bar50.023412.312.713.77.7Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, LF, NI
PulsinRice74.1%Powder100.043580. RiceVE, VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
PulsinSoya92.3%Powder100.039090., VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
PulsinVanilla Choc & Almond22.5%Bar50.023813.411.514.35.2Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, LF, NI
PulsinWhey Isolate96.6%Powder100.038593., GF, SWF
RoamOriginal Beef68.4%Bar45.011720., WheyGF, SF, SWF, NI
RXBARPeanut Butter24.0%Bar52.020012. whitesVE, GF, LF, SF, SWF, NI
Sci-MxTotal Protein Strawberry71.3%Powder100.040472., SoyaVE
Seapoint FarmsDry Roasted Edamame40.0%Snack22.010010., VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
The CuratorsPork Puffs52.9%Snack22.011815., SWF, NI
TribeTriple Deck Choc Peanut17.1%Bar40.01968.49.413.04.8PeaVE, VG, GF, LF, SWF, NI
ViveSalted Caramel18.6%Bar49.021510., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveHazelnut17.6%Bar50.022710., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveMocha Almond17.3%Bar49.02089., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
VivePB&J17.2%Bar49.02099., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveSalted Caramel18.2%Bite20.0884., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveHazelnut17.4%Bite20.0924., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
VivePeanut Butter18.2%Bite20.0884., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveChoc Orange16.0%Brownie35.01506., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveChoc Berry15.5%Brownie35.01475.712.07.79.9Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveCherry Bakewell13.9%Brownie35.01535.311.08.99.3Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveCoconut Cashew14.6%Brownie35.01485.411.08.48.6Pea, RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
ViveChoc Peanut Butter18.6%Bar49.021510., RiceVE, VG, GF, SWF, NI
Vivo LifeVegan Unflavoured75.9%Powder100.036970., Hemp, Pumpkin VE, VG, GF, LF, SF, SWF, NI
YFoodSmooth Vanilla27.2%Drink500.050034., CaseinGF, LF
YFoodClassic Choco26.4%Drink500.050033., CaseinGF, LF
YFoodFresh Berry27.2%Drink500.050034., CaseinGF, LF
YFoodHappy Banana27.2%Drink500.050034., CaseinGF, LF
YFoodCold Brew Coffee27.2%Drink500.050034., CaseinGF, LF
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