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Vegetarian (VE), Vegan (VG), Gluten Free (GF), Soy Free (SF), Sweetener Free (SWF), Natural Ingredient (NI)

ProductTypeProtein %Serving (g)CaloriesProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)Protein TypeNotes*
BananaShake49.2%330.019524.012.05.0Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
Caramel CashewBar40.0%55.020020.015.08.1Whey, Casein
ChocolateShake51.1%330.018824.012.04.3Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
Cookies & CreamBar42.1%55.019020.017.06.4Whey, Casein
Hazelnut NougatBar39.6%55.020220.016.08.8Whey, Casein
Lemon CheesecakeShake49.2%330.019524.013.04.6Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
Salty PeanutBar39.2%55.020420.016.08.2Whey, Casein
StrawberryShake50.3%330.019124.013.04.6Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
VanillaShake50.3%330.019124.013.04.6Whey, CaseinVE, GF, LF, SF
Vegan Hazelnut NougatBar28.2%55.021315.021.09.4Soy, Pea, RiceVE, VG
Vegan Salty PeanutBar28.4%55.021115.021.09.3Soy, Pea, RiceVE, VG
White Choc AlmondBar39.2%55.020420.016.08.4Whey, Casein
White Salty PeanutBar38.3%55.020920.014.09.3Whey, Casein
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